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Emma created My Bridal Dresser having been approached by many of her brides requesting her help and expertise in dressing them on the day.

Along with being a bridal stylist & dresser, Emma is a couture dressmaker and owns Emma Katie Couture. 


Emma's main interests throughout life have been creative - art, fashion, design, crafts, theatre, makeup and jewellery design.

She studied at Bournemouth Arts University where she first discovered her passion for bespoke bridal wear after landing a work experience placement with The Bridal Design Studio which then led to Emma working in Bridal Boutique's where she would assist brides in and out of their dresses.

Desperate to lean more and further her passion, Emma trained under Maureen Rose Dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth II.


During the time working with Maureen Emma was taught every detail of couture sewing techniques. Before being allowed to use the sewing machine Emma had to learn how to hand stitch everything.

Emma is an expert in her field and having had over 15 years experience in the Bridal Industry who better to have by your side on your Wedding Day.


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What To Expect From Emma

From the moment Emma arrives on the morning of your wedding, you can allow your self to truly relax.


There can be nervous anticipation on the wedding day, it is nice to hand the responsibility of dressing the bride over to somebody else, so that everyone can relax and truly enjoy themselves.


Forget endless searching on YouTube trying to find video’s on how to lace up a wedding dress, buying crochet hooks for fastening the buttons or doing endless practice runs of ‘how to apply body tape’, a bridal dresser has all the experience and tools required. 

As a couture dressmaker, Emma knows her way around a wedding dress and can ably assist with any last minute wardrobe malfunctions. 




Attention To Detail

Peace of Mind


Emma provides all necessary equipment including professional steamer and an emergency kit full of tricks-of-the-trade to fix every fashion emergency that might arise.


By choosing the Crystal or Diamond package you will be invited to a consultation with Emma at her private studio in Ringwood, where you will plan and discuss your day and how Emma will be assisting you.

At the consultation you can try on your dress, enabling Emma to understand every detail before the day in question. Emma will look at your colour scheme and other details regarding your wedding so she has everything she will require, leaving you safe in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of. Plus it’s always nice to put on your dress and feel that excitement again.

On the day.


When Emma arrives, Emma will unpack all the dresses, steam the wedding dress - ensuring the dress is prepared and ready for you to step into at the appropriate time. Dress the Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride before dedicating her attention to the Bride.


Emma will liaise with your makeup artist & hairstylist and most importantly your photographer, a dresser’s services are a blessing for the photographer, as it is a guarantee that every hair is in place, that the train is placed just where it should be, and that every photo looks just as it should, without them having to step out from behind the camera.


Emma can be with you throughout your day to look after you and your needs. Emma will help Position you and your dress for photos, able to assist in helping you change in and out of your dress when wanting to freshen up or if changing into a second outfit.

Your veil can be removed without causing any interruptions to your hair and your train will be bustled prior to the reception allowing you to have the perfect first dance before leaving you to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Emma ensures that any and all fashion emergencies are taken care of.  Whether it is a broken zip, a lost button, or a stain on the gown, My Bridal Dresser is equipped to handle any fashion related mishap.



What a Wonderful Gift for any bride to be and the wedding party as a whole.

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