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Professional Bridal Alterations

With over 20 years experience working in the wedding dress industry your dress will be in perfectly safe hands with Emma.
When it comes to your wedding dress we highly recommend that you consult a professional seamstress that has experience with bridal gowns.
Emma has been carrying out specialist bridal alterations for brides and bridal boutiques for many years and is also a highly trained couture dressmaker.


Understanding how these intricate gowns are made is extremely valuable when carrying out these alterations as it means she knows exactly how they should come apart and go back together again without a trace that they have ever been altered. Emma is able to advise on how a dress should look and fit properly as well as make recommendations about accessoriesAlong with fitting alterations you may require some design alterations or add ons such as the addition of straps, beading, decorative buttons or crystal embellishments all of which can be provided.


"Emma did such a fantastic job of taking in a very intricate bodice on my wedding dress - it fitted just perfectly"

Charlotte - Christchurch



Q: When should I have my fitting for alterations?

A: We recommend you have your fitting exactly 2 months before your wedding, however please book this in as soon as possible especially during peak wedding months.

Q: What do I need to bring to my fitting?

A: You will need to have your wedding shoes for your fitting and also be wearing the underwear you intend to wear for your wedding day.

Q: How long does a fitting take?

A: Please allow between 45 mins to 1 hour for your first appointment.

Q: How many fittings will I need?

A: Depending on the complexity and type of alterations required you may need up to 3 fittings but usually you will only require 2.

Q:Can I bring bridesmaids dresses/other dresses to be altered to my fitting?

A: Although I am always happy to fit bridesmaids/mother outfits etc please always ask first as I will have to allow extra time for pinning and it may not be possible to fit this in at your fitting without prior notice. In which case an alternative time will be offered.

Q: Can I bring people to my fitting?

A: Yes, however we recommend bringing a maximum of 2 people to your fitting due to spacing and also we want to make sure you have the best possible fitting experience with no distractions.


Prices are available upon request, however I always advise brides to budget around £350 for wedding dress alterations, it can be more but it can also be less.

Prices vary depending on dress style, fabric, detail, complexity and whether you require add on's such as straps, bows, belts etc. 

So please get in touch to discuss your dress 
alterations and how I can assist you.

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