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Bridal Dressing On The Day

Every Bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day.

A Bridal Dresser makes sure that you and your dress are put together in the least stressful way possible and that the whole 'getting ready' process goes without a hitch.

After steaming your dress and helping your bridesmaids into their dresses, all the attention is then on you.

I will assist you with putting on your dress the best possible way depending on its style and fit.

Where a dress is to go over the top of your head I will provide you with a light silk scarf to protect your hair and make up and also the dress.

If you need to step into your dress I will help you find the floor and balance.

Wedding dresses can be quite complex to do up, often they will have two or more different types of fastenings. some have an inner corset or a waist stay that has to be done up inside before tackling the outer fastening of zip or buttons and loops, or even sometimes both.

And lets not forget all the tricky little hooks and eyes and corset loops - these can be impossible for your bridal party once they have had their nails done. A Bridal dresser knows exactly how each little fixture and fastening goes together and has all the tools to get everything done up perfectly without stress or panic. Should anything go wrong whilst doing up your wedding dress they are the one person you would want to be there.

With over 15 years experience as a seamstress in the Bridal industry, Emma of My Bridal Dresser is the perfect person to take care of all your wedding dress requirements on the morning, and is fully qualified and equipped to deal with any wardrobe malfunction that may occur.

Its important to have someone that knows their way around a wedding dress helping you, as they will know exactly how many layers of fabric there are and what needs a little tug, tweak or twist.

A bridal dresser will also be able to set up staged photos of your dress being done up by a loved one, without them having the pressure of actually doing it up - something that a lot of mothers said they found very stressful.

Aswell as helping you into your dress, a bridal dresser will also assist with:

- Putting your petticoat on

- Putting your shoes on and doing them up

- Putting your garter on

- Putting on any jewellery you have

- Making sure you have your 'something blue' and any other precious personal items on you

- Applying any body tape you may require

- Applying your perfume

- Positioning bust cups

- Putting on and doing up additional belts, boleros and dress accessories

- Putting your Tiara/Hair accessories in

- Attaching and securing your veil in place

- Making sure you have your bouquet

............ and last but not least

- Making sure you and your dress make it to wherever you need to be on time and in pristine condition - whether that be carrying your train down some stairs, giving your dress a last 'floof' before you walk down the aisle or meticulously folding you and your dress into the back of a tiny little vintage car - My Bridal Dresser has you covered.

What could be more satisfying than knowing every little detail of your perfect dress is being lovingly looked after by a true professional on the most important morning of your life.

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