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What is Dress Steaming

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

When steaming a wedding dress the steam makes the fibres in the fabric relax which removes wrinkles from the surface. The heat from the steam will also kill any odor-causing bacteria, giving your garment the ultimate freshen up.

Steaming, when done professionally, will not leave your dress damp and as it only uses water and no chemicals, it won’t pollute the air and is environmentally friendly.

There are three options when choosing when and where to have your dress steamed.

1: Steaming at your boutique the week of the wedding.

Your dress will be steamed as close to your wedding date as possible. you will be asked to bring a double duvet cover with you when you collect your dress. this will protect the dress whilst it is transported without scrunching it up again.

we only recommend this service if you are travelling a short distance with the dress and then allowing it to be hung up straight away.

2: Steaming at your venue the night before your wedding. Your dress will be steamed the eve before your wedding once it has made it to its final destination. We will bring a professional steamer to your chosen location and make sure your dress is prepped to perfection and ready for you to wear. This option means your dress will not need to be bagged or transported between steaming and your wedding day.

This option is recommend for dresses that are made of fabrics that crease easily - silks, chiffons, tulles etc.

3: Steaming at your venue on the morning of your wedding.

This is your ultimate fail-safe option when it comes to making sure your dress is absolutely perfect for your wedding day.

Your dress is steamed at the venue where you are getting ready on the morning of the wedding. It will be perfectly fresh and crisp and wrinkle free ready for the moment you step into it for the last time.

This option goes hand in hand with our dressing on the day service where you are helped into your dress at the last minute.

Although steaming is highly recommended for your wedding dress it is not a cleaning process and will not remove stains or make up from fabrics, you do need a specialist dry cleaning service for that.

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